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         Workshop Presenters






     Conclave Theme:

”BOLD 21st Century Education: Cultural Relevancy”



Application Deadline: January 15, 2019

Selected presenters will be notified via email in February

Monday and Tuesday, July 15-16, 2019 96th

St. Louis Union Station Curio Hilton Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri

Submit Educational/Professional Workshop proposals via email to:       

  Dr. Patsy Squire             psquire48@yahoo.com       

Examples of 21st Century Educational Workshops…… (but are not limited to):

         Teaching to Z and Alpha generations

         Managing Millennial Teachers

         Blended Learning Strategies:  Flip Classroom, technology assessment tools, free interactive online     programs

         For Retired Teachers:  Have you ever thought about teaching online (how to develop content and curricula).

         For Retired Teachers: Start your own educational consulting Business

         Teaching online for Dummies – Understanding  Black Board and other distant learning platforms

         Ke Ke Are You Learning: Incorporating the Language of the times, culture, and age into your lessons

         Social Justice strategies  for classroom and disciplinary management

         Using your phone as a mobile hot spot to access technology in your classroom

         For Administrators: Conducting/ Creating/ Implementing effective professional development for your staff

         Using pronouns in your classroom (The Welcoming School and Classroom for gender variant students and guardians)

         So you want to start your own school?


YES (Youth, Education, Service) and Sororal Workshop proposals via email to: 

 Margarette Galloway, First Supreme Anti- Basileus                       nspdk1st.supreme@yahoo.com  

Examples of 21st Century Sororal Workshops (but are not limited to):

         Attracting and engaging millennial teachers into our sorority.   what’s working for them, what’s not?  

         Can’t Make a meeting- we’ll Skype or Zoom you in.

         Webinars, live stream and you tube to teach roles, procedures and effective leadership

         Smart Phones for Dummies

         Your chapter social media blueprint

         Make your meetings paperless – Google Drive  and all of its component

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